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Company Profile

Company Profile

Business Overview

Founded in 1983 in Tokyo, Japan, San-Ai Corporation is “The Total Petrochemical and Plastic Solution” with the functions of sales, marketing, distribution and import/export to our customers all over Japan and overseas. The main item of our service is petrochemical and plastic related products.

Petrochemical products are utilized widely in our daily living and seen all fields such as electrical devices, computers, automobiles, constructions, synthetic fabrics and dye inks, food packages, packaging films, seasoning agents, household goods, furniture, appliances, etc., which are all products of petrochemicals.

San-Ai Corporation offers such broad range of petrochemical and plastic products; in addition to that, we serve new materials, advanced technologies and machines widely to domestic and international customers.

Not only the highest quality materials and products of petrochemicals and plastics as our main items including synthetic resin raw materials, super engineering plastic resins, engineering plastic resins, commodity resins, extrusion molding products, injection molding products, blow molding products, vacuum molding products, inflation molding products, films, laminated films, sheet, plastic bags, plastic containers, packaging products, environmentally friendly plastic products, biodegradable plastics, bioplastics, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, fine chemicals, additives, etc., but also we serve a wide range of the related products including industrial machines, plastic molding machines, packaging machines, recycled materials, logistics materials, high-tech products, agricultural products, medical products, handling devices, construction products, environmentally friendly products, wind power generators, etc., to satisfy a market need and to develop a trusting relationship with customers.

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Cleaning up for a new year

We take good care of our own properties and manage by ourselves. We clean our office up for a new year.

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Corporate Information

Corporate Name

San-Ai Corporation


3-8-3 Nishi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan






April 9th, 1983


Masami Miura

Affiliate Company

San-Ai & Co., Ltd. / San-Ai Corporation, USA



Business Description

Domestic sales, marketing, distribution and import/export of synthetic resin materials, plastic products, packaging and logistic materials, petrochemical products, agricultural materials, construction materials, environmentally friendly products, industrial machines, etc.